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Artist Statement


Through my work, I explore my thoughts about exposure and protection, vulnerability and inaccessibility, and the passage of time and beauty. From an early age, I have been fascinated by small treasures which are most often overlooked but which give me great joy - chips of bark, split seeds and broken pods, fragments of shells and weathered bones that are hidden in plain sight on walks through the woods or by the shore. I am engaged by the construction and wearing away of these found objects, what beauty is discerned from these processes and what might be hidden inside.


I think of my ceramic work process as a conversation that will be overheard by a careful observer. I work on several vessels simultaneously as my pinch-and-build method is slow going. Small pieces of clay are loosely attached to one another and then lined with soft clay as each vessel grows into its final shape. Edges are important, separating tough from tender, luscious from dry or forbidding, I use several finishing techniques but often the exterior surfaces are painted with terra sigillata (a solution of very fine clay particles) before they are bisque fired. Afterwards, these parts are rubbed with oxides, which are then partially washed away. On the interior surfaces, glazes are applied with the intention of creating the appearance of lushness, inviting touch. Sometimes pieces are fired multiple times, adding a sense of depth.

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